Kromproom and Tomek Grochola Working On New Single

Breaking News: Piotr Krompiewski aka Kromproom and Tomek Grochola vocalist and co-founder of Polish industrial rock band called Agressiva 69, they are working on a new single. As there was a meeting of two artists? We'll find out soon and look forward to new information about coming single Kromproom feat. Tomek Grochola. One thing we know, that it is going to be an energetic music. Also we hope that soon we will be able to share with you more information about their collaboration. Below brief information about the band.

Agressiva 69 is one of the first Polish bands of industrial rock, that was founded by Tomasz Grochola and Jacek Tokarczyk in 1987. In 1992 they released their debut album entitled Deus Ex Machina, which on the Polish music market was something new. The album was released on audio tape by SPV Records. The band has began to play concerts and they played live on stage as the support of The Prodigy, Paradise Lost, New Model Army, The Mission, Front 242. The band has collaborated with artists such as: Martin Atkins (drummer of the bands PIL, Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, Pigface), Wayne Hussey (known from activity in The Mission, Sisters of Mercy).

Artist: Agressiva 69 Track: Nie widać końca Album: In Release date: 2006
Copyrights (C) EMI Music Poland


EKS-port -Dog- Official Audio

Picture "Dog" by Daniel Bosch
From 25th of April, you can listen to the full song titled DOG, which have included on our YouTube channel. It is taken from the soundtrack called ABGRUND, which has been produced for autobiography of Daniel Bosch also know as Dan Davis and David Simon. Visualization is created by Marek Holewiński from Madness Graphics.

Music written and produced by Piotr "Kromproom" Krompiewski. Lyrics and vocals by Eliška "MC Else" Krompiewska. Mixed and Mastered by EKS-port. Music administrated by GEMA.

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Vision by Marek Holewiński (Madness Graphics)
Offcial website: www.madness.net.pl/

"Der Song DOG erinnert stellenweise an die besten Tage von Bands wie CLOCK DVA ..."
(Daniel Bosch)

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30 Years of Reactor 4 by DJ Negative

30 years ago, the world's worst  nuclear disaster devastated a small Soviet town called Pripyat. The  population was just about 50000 people. Today, it's zero. Researchers  are divided on the true death toll caused by the Chernobyl disaster,  but many put it in the tens of thousands. Some think it could be closer  to a million because of related cancers. Deadly radiation still spews  from Chernobyl, as it will continue to do as half-lives degrade over the next 600 years. This dj-mix was especially made to commemorate 30th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster which happened on 26. April 1986!

Source: facebook/notes/serguei-lossiakov

1. Dispatcher Of Fire Prevention (Intro) 
2. Insectrum - Reaktortrakt
3. Kiloschwer - Atomic Reactor
4. R.I.P. (Roppongi Inc. Project) - Temporary Evacuation 27.04.86 (Kant Kino Main Remix)
5. Dark Control Operation - Nuclear Disaster
6. Centurio - Call Me Now In Pripyat
7. Radium226 - Nuclear Violation
8. Winter Soul - Reactor
9. Kant Kino - Owner Of This House Lives Here
10. Centurio - Chernobyl Reactor 4
11. C-Lekktor - Radioakktivity (Radio Mix vs. Noisuf-X Mix)
12. R.I.P. - Temporary Evacuation 27.04.86 (Destructed by Detuned Destruction vs. Original)
13. Explosion & News (Outro)

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Kromproom - Powered - Video powered by Apollo XI

We are waiting for the official music video called Android. Work on its completion is in progress but in the meantime Piotr Krompiewski released a video to the track Powered, that is taken from his last album called Tenacity. To creat the video Kromproom used a lot of free video footage of Project Apollo under the public domain license. In the final production we can see an astronaut sitting in gyroscope being tested during astronaut testing program (USA 1969). Also we see a team of engineers manufacturing Apollo 11, that was the first spaceflight that landed humans on the Moon. Welcome to watch and listen to this great combination of music and image.

Music written and produced by Piotr Krompiewski (Kromproom). 
Free video footage under the public domain license edited by Krompiu.

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Music (C) Kromp Room Records, administrated by GEMA.


A N D R O I D - Watch the official music video teaser

Although very little to go on, Kromproom release this teaser video for the album ‘Darkness’. The track called Android is taken from the soundtrack produced to the Novel 'Revolution, Baby!' by Dan Davis. We look forward to the full version of the scene but now we are glad that we can show you the official teaser of the music video.

Android music written and produced by Piotr Krompiewski (Kromproom).
Teaser edited and produced by Marek Holewiński (Madness Graphics).
Music published by Warner Chappell Music 2013.

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