EKS-port - Traumzone - Video - Out Now!

MC Else invites you to watch the video to the track Traumzone, that is taken from the soundtrack Abgrund released in 2015. The soundtrack was produced to the autobiography of Daniel Bosch, who next to writing science fictions novels, he also paints and takes pictures. The Traumzone project is photos of Daniel, where the basis of the independent project of Bosch art is, for example, an artistic presentation of blurred visions about what has been experienced and seen. Black and white pictures showing urban buildings, sometimes deforming giving an amazing atmosphere. EKS-port duo presents the video, where using city footages at night they trying to create an equally mysterious atmosphere by mixing selected video images with their sound.

Photy by Juraj Kalnický. Edit by Daniel Bosch.

Projekt "Traum-Zone" beschäftigt sich mit FOTOGRAFIE.

Hintergrund des eigenständigen Kunst-Projektes von Bosch ist es zum Beispiel, verschwommene Traumbilder von Erlebten und Gesehenen künstlerisch in Szene zu setzen. Hier einige wenige Bilder aus dem sehr komplexen "Traum-Zone"-Projekt.


In this video used Creative Commons license (CC BY) video from Vimeo.com:

1. City @ Dawn
2. Tokyo by Night
3. Storm Time-Lapse, Barcelona, september, 23rd, 2016
4. In the Color of the Sun
5. Night Glare - Voigtlander Nokton Short Film

2018 Video Edit by JaRo


EKS-port - Traumzone - Coming Soon!

EKS-port music project is working on a music video to the track Traumzone, that is taken from the album titled Abgrund. This album has been composed to the autobiography of Daniel Bosch (aka Dan Davis and David Simon). We know, that the duo is using creative commons movies, that are available on the Vimeo platform and it is possible to use these footages for commercial purposes. Some selected videos are going to take us on an audiovisual journey. We are waiting impatiently for the final work.

Screenshot video (cc-by) Storm Time-Lapse, Barcelona, september, 23rd, 2016 
from Vimeo.com. Edit by JaRo.

Music administrated by GEMA.


Kings in White - Road - Remixes by Jamick and L'Freeq

Andrzej JAMICK Kulbiński

Welcome back! In the beginning, we wish you a Happy New Year and fulfilment of dreams in private and professional life. In the new year, we are presenting you to the last two remixes of the track Road originally composed and produced by the duo Kings in White. The artist Andrzej Jamick Kulbiński appears again in his dance electro body music remix, that is playing Road release as track number 5. The track number 6 is the second electro-industrial remix produced by Marek L'Freeq Tomera. We cordially invite you to listen, share and review all tracks from Kings in White - ROAD Remixes and stay tuned!



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Kings in White - Road - Remixed by L'Freeq

We invite you to listen, share and review the next remix of the track Road, that is originally produced by Kings in White. This time the remixer wants to keep his information secret. Ladies and Gentlemen the fourth track Road remixed by Marek Tomera (L'Freeq).


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Kings in White - Road - Remixed by Sabes

Sebastian Mich (Sabes)

Next artist is Sabes who produced the remix for Kings in White. All the pleasure on our side, that we can write some words about this producer. Sabes aka Sebastian Mich started at a young age as an acid / hard techno DJ and decided to follow this path into the study of Music Technology, which prompted him to move from his native Poland to the UK. He was both fascinated and alienated by the culture he found and he wanted to channel this in an artistic fashion - and thus, Sabes was born. Right from the beginning, Sebastian's ambition was to merge the distortion of rhythmic, noise-oriented industrial music with a Technoid beat and bass structures. Influenced by classic industrial projects of the 90s like Asche, Imminent, Synapscape and Iszoloscope - Sabes accomplished an energetic blend of blasting beats, complex sequencer patterns, unsettling samples and crushing power noise textures.


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