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Musical summation of the year 2019.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020! Now its time to the musical summation of the past year 2019. In this article, we are doing it quite unusual starting from the end going to the beginning of the past year. At the end of 2019, we launched our label's account on the Bandcamp platform where you can listen and buy all our releases in wave format. There are releases of all our artists such as Agressiva 69, Centurio, EKS-port, Kings in White and Kromproom.

Next, we digitally resurrected the Agressiva 69's album titled Ummmet with remixes, which were released as the separate edition. The album Ummmet premiered and was self-released on CD by A69 in 2012. It is a very different musical face of the band, more electronic and conceptual project. On the remixed album, there are tracks of such artists as Bogusław Salnikow, Kings in White, Adrian Anioł and Eric Zimmer, Neural Rust. The track Ummmet (Kings In White Remix) was selected by Carlos Perón (ex Yello) and released on the compilation entitled Der E…

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