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Remastered Album Deus Ex Machina by Agressiva 69

Agressiva 69 Polish band, one of the first representatives of industrial rock, founded in 1989 in Kraków. In this year, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, artists in Poland also wanted to share their music in Western Europe. The hopes of young artists were very large after the collapse of the communist system, our diverse music scene, which formed and operated under pressure, will come out next to those famous artists around the world. We recorded their music on tapes from radio stations, we listened to their music in some squats, clubs in basements of blocks of flats, in our narrow rooms of cooperative accommodations. Unfortunately, dreams had not come true and western music flooded our market. Two World Wars and over 40 years of the communist regime did havoc, Poland was just as poor as a church mouse.

For the founders of the band A69 Tomek Grochola and Jacek Tokarczyk (in years 1987-89 known as Fast Nails), it was not a hindrance, their fascination with the achievements of such band…

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