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Agressiva 69's album Ummmet

We are the official label of Agressiva 69's digital releases of the album Ummmet and Ummmet remixes. The musical experiment was released as a CD in 2012. The composition had been used earlier for the art exhibition titled “Miejsce Naznaczone”, which took place in Cracow in 2010 and in Nuremberg in 2011. We are giving you information about the album on the basis of the article that has been published in the portal TEGOSLUCHAM.PLon the 12 of February in 2012.

In 2011, after releasing the album entitled “Republika 69” Agressiva was accused of opportunism. Then in 2012 was released the next album of the band, which effectively silence these voices, because the album “Ummmet” is an audio-visual challenge for the most demanding recipients of art.
The cover CD of the album does not contain any information...

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