Summation 2012 And Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please follow us in coming next year because there are going to be more music! We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making of these four releases.


CENTURIO - Sovjetunion (album) Release date: 30.11.2012

CENTURIO - Freedom (EP) Release date: 28.09.2012

EKS-port - 1-2-3-4-5-R (single) Release date: 24.08.2012

CENTURIO - Immer weiter (single) Release date: 10.08.2012


EKS-port - Two Faces feat. Jens Esch CENTURIO

The track EKS-port - Two Faces feat. Jens Esch was selected to the second soundtrack to the Novel 'Revolution, Baby!' by Dan Davis together with the track Centurio & Kromproom 'Revolution' feat. MC Else. The track EKS-port 'Two Faces' feat. Jens Esch is taken from the debut album 'eks-peryment' by EKS-port.

NEU! "TWO FACES": Sind die Wände um uns herum wirklich so fest, wie sie für uns auf den ersten Blick erscheinen...? Die Antwort in Kürze in REVOLUTION, BABY!

JETZT HIER: Weiterer Track aus dem 2. Soundtrack zum Roman "REVOLUTION, BABY!", der den Titel "Revolution, Baby! - DARKNESS" (VÖ: 2013 / ebenso wie wie Soundtrack 1 + Roman) trägt, mit dem Namen TWO FACES von EKS-port feat. JENS ESCH, Backing Vocals Sängerin MC ELSE! Dieser Song wird auf dem Soundtrack zudem in einer "Special REVOLUTION-Version" zu finden sein. Hier schon vorab als grandiose Video-Version für alle Neugierigen!



The production of the Soundtrack

titled "DARKNESS"
based on

the novel
Is nearing completion!

HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME pre-listen track:

Soundtrack Darkness, titel Revolution by Centurio & Kromproom feat. MC Else. Aus dem bald erscheinenden Album "REVOLUTION, BABY! - DARKNESS", mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Jens Esch, published by Eisenberg / Warner Chappell Music. Music written by Jens Esch / Centurio. Produced, mixed and mastered by Centurio and Kromproom, Hamburg - GEMA.


Verity Vian Presents Upcoming Album SovjetUnion by Centurio!

The new Centurio album is coming! Including exclusive remixes by Piotr Krompiewski Kromproom. On the November 2012 is the time for fans of INDUSTRIAL / EBM / TBM

Powerfull tracklist:

1. Krasnoyarsk Reactor 2. UdSSR 3. Lenin Calling 4. Leningrad 5. Call me now in Pripyat 6. Murmansk 7. Golden Moscow 8. AK47 Alert (Izhevsk) 9. Chernobyl Reactor 4 10. Toxic City 11. Running in Siberia BONUS TRACKS 12. Call me now in Pripyat (KrompRoomRemix) 13. Krasnoyarsk Reactor (KrompRoomRemix)

(P) 2012 Warner Chappell Music



Centurio & Kromproom Are Working On Darkness

Two producers Jens Esch CENTURIO and Piotr Krompiewski KROMPROOM are working on a soundtrack 'Darkness' based on the Novel 'Revolution, Baby!' by Dan Davis. More Information: www.revolutionbaby.de/NEWS

Publishing by Warner Chappell Music


Promo Photo by Verity Vian Created for The Album SOVJETUNION by CENTURIO!

The Top-Model Verity Vian is the MISTRESS of SOVJETUNION.The powerful TBM album by CENTURIO November 2012. Rock it!

VERITY VIAN is model, photographer, make up artist, performer www.facebook.com/verity.vian.fanpage
Music publishing by Eisenberg / Warner Chappell Music


CENTURIO - The Ocean (KrompRoomRemix)

Listen, share and review the remixed track The Ocean, that is taken from coming EP Freedom by CENTURIO. Jens Esch CENTURIO | Free Listening on SoundCloudKromproom | Free Listening on SoundCloud!

Music Published by Warner Chappell 2012


Kromp Room Records Set Vol. 1 on Mixcloud!

We invite you to listen, share and review the compilation!


1. 1-2-3-4-5-R (Trance mix) by EKS-port, remixed by Kromproom
2. Definition by Kromproom
3. B.N.D. (KrompRoomRemix) by EKS-port, remixed by Kromproom
4. The Ocean (KrompRoomRemix) by CENTURIO, remixed by Kromproom
5. Jsem (KrompRoomRemix) by EKS-port, remixed by Kromproom
6. Two faces (Kromproom dubstep remix) by EKS-port ft. Jens Esch, remixed by Kromproom
7. Immer weiter (KrompRoomRemix) by CENTURIO, remixed by Kromproom
8. Weite reise by CENTURIO beatz KROMPROOM


CENTURIO - Immer Weiter (KrompRoomRemix)

Remixed by Kromproom

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The single Immer Weiter is available to stream and download worldwide!

Published by
2012 Warner Chappell Music


Upcoming Releases - August 2012!

Street date of Centurio 'Immer weiter' single release: 10.August.2012
Street date of EKS-port '1-2-3-4-5-R' single release: 24.August.2012


Available stream and download worldwide!


Kromp Room - It Has Started Again

You are welcome to watch the video of the track -It has started again-, that is taken from the new single of Kromp Room. The single is available worldwide from 4 April 2012.

Watch more on You Tube Channel!


CENTURIO - Freedom (Andy Whitfield Tribute)

CENTURIO now on Kromp Room Records!

This is a hommage for Andy Whitfield

Music: Freedom by CENTURIO 2012
published by Warner Chappell Music
Pictures by http://www.starz.com/



EKS-port - New Album - Teaser

EKS-port is working on a new album, which release is planned for 2013. Now you can watch the first teaser of coming music.

Video by Krompiu
Music: Kromproom & MC Else
Produced by EKS-port


EKS-port - I forgive but not forget (odpouštím, ale nezapomínám) - Official Audio

Muzyka: Kromproom/MC Else
Słowa i głos: MC Else
Produkcja: EKS-port
Mastering w studio LIQUID GOLD: Martin Dimitrov
Producent wykonawczy: Carlos Perón
Data wydania: 25.11.2011
Wytwórnia: Yellow Sunshine Beat
Publikacja: EISENBERG/WARNER CHAPPELL, Hamburg 2011


KrompRoom - Definition - Fan Video by e.v.a.

The track is taken from the single titled IT HAS STARTED AGAIN. The single is available to stream and download worldwide. 
Watch, share and review the fan video by Electro Video Art!

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Album Teaser - CENTURIO - SovjetUnion (incl. snipped track TOXIC CITY)

The Teaser of the new album SovjetUnion by Jens Esch CENTURIO
published by Eisenberg / Warner Chappell Music
Produced and performed by Jens Esch CENTURIO

Watch more on J.E.CENTURIO YouTube Channel:


Next step - The debut album of CENTURIO - SovjetUnion

Art back from the mastering, back from recording. Next step, the debut album of CENTURIO -SovjetUnion-. Preview-Tracks: Call me now in Pripyat, Chernobyl Reactor 4, Leningrad, Murmansk, Krasnoyarsk Reactor, Lenin Calling, Golden Moscow, Toxic City (Norilsk), UdSSR, AK 47 Alert (Izhevsk), Running in siberia. The Crossover of EBM/Industrial-Techno. First Artwork Preview:


The new Kromp Room single is Available Worldwide!

Kromp Room - It Has Started Again (single). Download now available worldwide! Release date: 04/04/2012! Buy on iTunes, amazonStream on Spotify! Deezer! Also in other stores and stream platforms!