DUBTRON Presents EKS-port - ABS Remixes - Coming Closer!

On the 1st of July is the day of the release remixed track called ABS from the EKS-port album 7788 kmh. This release is issued to promote the album. The release is interesting because of our guests such as VULTURIUS (Poland) and DUBTRON (India), who jointly with KROMPROOM (Poland) have been created three remixes of the track ABS and radio version edited by Kromproom. We are introducing Dubtron and few words about him.

DUBTRON (Delhi, India) Glitch style of music is the Live sampling of Popular Reggae/Rock/Electronica Tracks with Dub, Breaks, House and Drum and Bass, mixed live. It's a brand new concept of mixing EDM with Reggae-Rock-Electronica performed LIVE with the use of live software with midi controllers. This music is pure dance floor oriented and has to be performed live. It's a unique concept and skills put together to create a high energy performance for the music lovers. His recent live dub set for the Nh7 Weekender Pune Contest was selected among the top five from the entire country. Carriers an experience of 15 years in the field of Djing. 'Dubtron' is the new live project by Dj A_jy. Had successful Dj residencies at no. of clubs & bars over the span of his career like D-Minor, Mamouchee, Ice Berg & My Way or High Way. Has been successfully playing for numerous brands like Bacardi, Smirnoff, Forsters, etc. Has been widely appreciated for his unique retro set for Turan Tahilian's Fashion After Party. Has the unique skills of performing live sets of different genres in Electronica with the use of latest technology. Dubtron's official Facebook Page!


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