CENTURIO - Chernobyl Reactor 4 from Midnight Radio Compilation 3

For many years Jens Esch - CENTURIO - is as a producer, writer, composer and singer on the way. Beside various studio albums, Esch published other works in the area of pop, rock, electronic music and he sketches successfully soundtracks for film and video. Here he works together by branch dimensions like EMI, Sony und Warner/Chappell. Since 2009 he works together with Carlos Perón (founder of YELLO) on different projects. In autumn, 2010 they finished the production of RIEFENSTAHL's third album "TRIUMPH". For the topical film “The 4th revolution’’ Esch and Perón contributed in 2010 the title “The day before the 4th revolution’’. Gloomily, oppressive and partly sarcastically Esch primes his soundtracks, besides, he moves between singing melancholy, irony and oriental atmosphere, then again with force so inexorably heavy, never in a kitschy way, but in a modern classical garment. Often inspired from the perónistic soundart, no limits are set to the spectrum.

From Midnight Radio Compilation 3., released 23 October 2013