EKS-port ABS (Psychic Force Remix)

On the 1st of October in 2013 will be available to download worldwide the release EKS-port ABS vol. 2. Now you listen to the full remixed track by The Psychic Force band from Germany.


EKS-port ABS from the recent album 7788 km/h

The ABS remixes volume 1 and 2 produced in support of recent EKS-port album 7788 km/h. Remixers: Vulturius (Poland), Dubtron (India), Kromproom (Poland), Psychic Force (Germany), Jamick (Poland). Stream EKS-port on Spotify! Deezer! Rdio! Wimp! Rhapsody!

EKS-port 7788 km/h - The album is available from 06.03.2013 in all good music platforms worldwide. ALBUM PROMO LINK: artistcamp.rebeat.com/eks-port/7788-kmh/ EKS-port ABS vol.2 - COMING SOON! 01.10.2013 - PROMO LINK artistcamp.rebeat.com/eks-port/abs/.


EKS-port - ABS vol.2 - 01.10.2013 is available worldwide!

The <ABS Remixes> vol. 2 produced in support of recent EKS-port album <7788 km/h>.

Remixers: Psychic Force (Germany) and Jamick (Poland)

01. ABS - Psychic Force remix
02. ABS - Jamick remix one
03. ABS - Jamick remix two
04. Without brakes - bonus track