The newest single Kromproom ft. Tomek Grochola - ROAD out now. The single is available digitally on all good known download and stream platforms worldwide. You can also listen to the track ROAD - Extended Version from our official channel on YouTube. You are wlecome!

Music written and produced by Piotr Krompiewski (Kromproom)
Lyrics and vocal by Tomek Grochola (Agressiva 69)
Art director by Aleksandra Grochola
Photo by Krzysztof Kapuciński (Kapu Ditutti Kapi)


Forthcoming ROAD!

The day of release the single ROAD is coming closer. We are presenting three short but curious teasers of coming single. Furthermore, the single is available in pre-order contents on iTunes, juno download, qobuz, amazon. Stay tuned!

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Teaser 3


On the 29th of March in 2017 - Kromproom ft. Tomek Grochola - Road

Already we know the release date of a new single of Kromproom ft. Tomek Grochola called ROAD. The duo release it in digital form in all good music stores and stream platforms worldwide. The single will contain three tracks, exactly three versions of the song ROAD. Musicians after release the single they also want to cooperate with various artists in order to produce some remixes of the track. Next information soon!

From left to right: Tomek Grochola (Agressiva 69), Piotr Krompiewski (Kromproom).
Photo by Agnieszka Slabonska (Photography of Janusz Slabonski Cracow).