Agressiva 69 Deus Ex Machina Remastered Digital Release 6.6.2019

Vinyl re-edition of Agressiva 69 Deus Ex Machina and CD are available at Requiem Records store. On the 6th of June, our label is releasing digital the great A69's debut album to stream and download worldwide. Immediately after the release of the vinyl and CD, a lot of reviews have appeared, below we publish several links to these articles.

Photo by Mariusz Twardowski

The memoir of dreams is 5/5 - this was assessed in the latest issue of Teraz Rock Magazine for the re-release of the CD/LP of the cult cassette Agressiva69 "Deus Ex Machina" from 1993. The Teraz Rock is pleased to deal with the promotion of this issue.

Remastered by Exit Productions.
Distribution by Rebeat Digital GmbH.
Music administrated by ZAiKS.


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